Day 30

Getting back into the sketches and art and whatnot… I have a new fursona by the name of Nana (naw·nuh), so I went on a portrait drawing-spree earlier today. Here’s the results: 

Day 28

For my Senior Studio class, I’m drawing some of the Disney princesses. The final pieces will be traditional work, involving pen and ink and some light watercolor for accent. I did digital sketches for my teacher. Here are three of them:

Can YOU tell who these fine ladies are? =D

Day 25

My hair is COMPLETE! 

Although, it’s a little more green than turquoise… 

Turquoise on top and purple on the bottom. I used Beyond the Zone “Tripped Up Turquoise” and ‘N Rage “Purple Plum” - The former smells like blueberries and the latter smells like grape bubblegum. I probably got a little high from smelling both, as they smelled so awesome! =P

Day 24 - Take Two

Well, I went out today and got some blonde hair dye. This version is Clairol’s Born Blonde. This one is specifically designed for darker hair. A plus for me, however, my hair is so dried out from double bleaching that it didn’t do that great of a job. I have to give it props, though. It was working with some horrible hair. lol Anyhoo, photo time!

Bag head!:


I believe at this point, I can finally dye it turquoise and purple now. At least, I’m going to anyway. If I have any hair after this week, I will be most surprised!

Oh, and… I have a twin now:

Day 24

To get off topic of the art a little bit, I would like to share some personal life here. I don’t do enough art to really stick with that topic throughout this entire blog, so it needs a little personal feeling. 


I’ve recently gone on a tangent when it comes to my hair. I’m talking about dyeing it! I actually dyed it for the first time back in high school, so I wanted to again for a little change, and I did about 3 or so weeks ago. So, this time around I wanted to go for something crazy. Being that my hair is a natural “dirty brown,” as I like to call it, I wanted something… dangerous. I went with black. However, it didn’t last that long. My roots were coming in and, for whatever reason, my ends were even being washed out. I got the crazy idea to really do something my mother would kill me for: dye it purple and turquoise. Being that my hair was black to start with, I needed to bleach it first. Well, this is where it really went to Hell. I have thick hair and there wasn’t nearly enough bleach mix to cover it all. My roots were, more or less, the only thing that actually got bleached. Unfortunately, it started snowing as I started this process, so I’m somewhat stuck with this unfortunate mess of a hair-don’t until it clears up. Here’s some photos!

The original black:

The bleaching process:

And the hideous result:

Here’s the result, dried:

Hopefully, I can make it to CVS or Walmart to get some blonde dye and start over. For the record, the product I used was Manic Panic’s Flash Lightning. On one hand, it was super fast, but on the other hand, if you’re like me and have a ton of hair, I’d look at a different product or buy about three or four of these kits. So not worth the money!

Day 10

Instead of uploading the girl and bird, here is the original idea of the girl and beast.

"Don’t worry. Everything will be alright." 

My photographing skills leaves much to be desired, I’m afraid. ^^; I attempted to fix the lighting issue in Photoshop, but the colors turned out more vibrant than necessary. And the fact that the yellow in the middle isn’t even showing up at all. I’ll work more on photographing these correctly. =]

Day 7

I said I would take a photo of my recent girl and bird, however, that will have to wait. I haven’t gotten around to getting some adequate lighting in order to photograph my works. So instead, I did some facial studies, so I will post those here in the meantime. Enjoy!

art [c] Whitney R. Hankins

Day 5

In my last post, I talked about a story of a little girl that lost her family and home to a fire. After running away in devastation, she’s confronted by a beast. I decided to revisit one of the pieces from the internship, as it just wasn’t right. There was too much space in one area and it made the piece feel disconnected and empty. I redrew the entire image and managed to find a way that made the piece feel more connected. Hopefully, I can share this image with everyone once it’s finished. Sorry, but right now, it’s still in sketch-phase. You could take my word in that it looks much better than the previous version, though. =]

At the same time, I managed to get a similar drawing done of a girl and a fantasy-looking bird that’s resting on the girl’s hand. Since it’s finished, I could have it up tomorrow, but we’ll just have to see about that. 

Day 3

Last night, I came to the conclusion of the type of artist I am. Except, I didn’t write it down, so now I don’t remember. 

Fail. But, let’s back track and see if it comes back to me.

Last semester, I was doing a sort of internship, as I liked to call it, with an art professor at Shawnee in Ohio. He kept pushing me to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I guess you could say that’s the point of an internship. Most of my time spent at Shawnee has really been about me doing whatever I felt comfortable doing. Not to say I’ve been uncomfortable with art, but it’s about doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Of course, my thought against this is that I’m trying to do things I want to do, not what’s different or new. It’s a great experience, either way!

Back to the point of this post… This professor kept asking what it was I was trying to get across to viewers. I never could put it into words for him. I honestly couldn’t even put it into words for myself - until last night.

During the entire internship, I had attempted to illustrate a story I came up with some long time ago.

The story is about a young girl of around six. She had been playing in the nearby woods when her home was set ablaze. Her parents, unfortunately, were caught in the fire, leaving the girl without a home or her parents. Not quite understanding the situation, but knowing that it was a great devastation to her, she took off into the woods. After running a great distance, she came to a small clearing. Standing there, tears running down her cheeks like a gushing waterfall, a beast appeared before her. It was unlike any creature she had ever seen before, but somehow she felt safer. The beast was larger than any horse in existence but smaller than the average elephant. It had long, golden fur that looked softer than any existing material. It’s eyes, pupil-less and glowing white, acted like a beacon to the girl. Intrigued by the creature, she held out a shaky hand toward the beast, where it met her with its muzzle. With that touch, it was as if the beast was saying, “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.” 

A big part of the story is the girl and beast’s relationship. I came to the conclusion that the beast should vary from any normal creature, because we shouldn’t judge others based on how they look. This concept is what makes me the artist and the person that I am. I embrace the unknown. I love creating characters that defy their appearance. Dragons, for example, are typically scaly and dark in color - not to mention the whole breathing fire thing. In my mind, I love seeing furry, white dragons. The type of fur you could literally melt into on a cold night. Fire breathing? Pssh, why not make it something different, like plasma. I’m not saying all dragons should be like this as then they would become the stereotypical creatures of the fantasy world. I simply admire that which is different. I embrace what is unfamiliar, because heroes come in the most unlikely of forms - from the most unlikely of places.

Day 1

For the last week or so, I’ve been finding myself completely immersed in the History channel. I find myself tuned into biographies and the history of the planet. I wouldn’t say this is bad, but it’s like a complete overhaul of my personality. I feel as though I’m learning and that makes me happy. I’m sure this is only a phase, much like everything else in my life, and it will pass. For the time, however, I will enjoy learning about the history of the world.

On an unrelated note, I had a dream about defending myself (and others) against raptors. Yes, dinosaurs. What I know about dream meanings, you look at the creatures and decide how you feel about them. Raptors are scary and dangerous so, therefore, my dream is relating to something being scary and dangerous in my life. At the moment, I cannot think of anything that could be either scary or dangerous.