Day 25

My hair is COMPLETE! 

Although, it’s a little more green than turquoise… 

Turquoise on top and purple on the bottom. I used Beyond the Zone “Tripped Up Turquoise” and ‘N Rage “Purple Plum” - The former smells like blueberries and the latter smells like grape bubblegum. I probably got a little high from smelling both, as they smelled so awesome! =P

Day 24 - Take Two

Well, I went out today and got some blonde hair dye. This version is Clairol’s Born Blonde. This one is specifically designed for darker hair. A plus for me, however, my hair is so dried out from double bleaching that it didn’t do that great of a job. I have to give it props, though. It was working with some horrible hair. lol Anyhoo, photo time!

Bag head!:


I believe at this point, I can finally dye it turquoise and purple now. At least, I’m going to anyway. If I have any hair after this week, I will be most surprised!

Oh, and… I have a twin now:

Day 24

To get off topic of the art a little bit, I would like to share some personal life here. I don’t do enough art to really stick with that topic throughout this entire blog, so it needs a little personal feeling. 


I’ve recently gone on a tangent when it comes to my hair. I’m talking about dyeing it! I actually dyed it for the first time back in high school, so I wanted to again for a little change, and I did about 3 or so weeks ago. So, this time around I wanted to go for something crazy. Being that my hair is a natural “dirty brown,” as I like to call it, I wanted something… dangerous. I went with black. However, it didn’t last that long. My roots were coming in and, for whatever reason, my ends were even being washed out. I got the crazy idea to really do something my mother would kill me for: dye it purple and turquoise. Being that my hair was black to start with, I needed to bleach it first. Well, this is where it really went to Hell. I have thick hair and there wasn’t nearly enough bleach mix to cover it all. My roots were, more or less, the only thing that actually got bleached. Unfortunately, it started snowing as I started this process, so I’m somewhat stuck with this unfortunate mess of a hair-don’t until it clears up. Here’s some photos!

The original black:

The bleaching process:

And the hideous result:

Here’s the result, dried:

Hopefully, I can make it to CVS or Walmart to get some blonde dye and start over. For the record, the product I used was Manic Panic’s Flash Lightning. On one hand, it was super fast, but on the other hand, if you’re like me and have a ton of hair, I’d look at a different product or buy about three or four of these kits. So not worth the money!